Hi Jackie,

Just a quick note to let you know that we got the closing papers and the checks by UPS overnight today.

Thanks for everything.

You are our recommended agents for folks in MSP looking for realtor/brokers!


Jackie & Bart,

Clint and I would just like to say thank you very much for making our dreams come true... You have been wonderful to work with, I didn't think buying a home would be so much fun :)  When we have our house warming party I hope that you and your family will be there.... We might wait until Spring so we can do some thing's to the house, but who knows we might have it sooner.

Anyways we just wanted to say thank you for everything, we had a blast...

Amber :)


To whom ever may wonder about whether to choose or not to choose Team Baxter,

My husband and I found "Team Baxter" perfect for our house hunting needs. We originally were introduced by a friend and found "Team Baxter" to be honest, informative, insightful, hardworking and listened to our needs.

Our first house we bought with them was a great experience!! We were new to everything and "Team Baxter" explained everything in terms we could understand. It made us feel comfortable and good about our house purchase.

Then, a couple years later when it came to sell our house and look for a new house there was no question of who we were going to ask to help us, "Team Baxter". This time we gave them a list of everything we wanted and needed in a house. Our family was growing and needed more in a house. "Team Baxter" found houses to look at and listened to us as we went through each house. It was great to have someone find houses with everything we wanted and not just some things we wanted in one house and some things in another house.

When it came time to make an offer they worked hard to get the terms right. When we wanted a certain price they made it happen!!! We are very happy to have people who were so interested in not just our purchase of our house but a home we love.


Take care and God Bless




Mr. John Collopy (Broker of RE/MAX Results)
RE/MAX Results
11200 West 78th Street
Eden Prairie, MN. 55344

Date: Aug 2005

Dear Mr. Collopy

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the assistance and services of Jackie and Bart Baxter as realtors. I primarily worked with Jackie, but Bart’s help was equally importance in making a difficult house sell happen. To recap the details of all the huddles Jackie/Bart faced when they agreed to be my realtor could fill a small book. Despite all the obstacles, Jackie & Bart forged onward without hesitation. I can finally look back and almost laugh at everything that happened. The truth is everything the Baxter's had to face would have made a great reality television show. Just imagine becoming the new (second) realtor of a house that had been on the market for over 150 days due in part to water damage, but mostly poor representation and/ or marketing by my first realtor. After seeing his efforts, (or the lack thereof), I clearly know the difference between a realtor (anyone with a real estate license) and a GREAT realtor (Jackie and Bart).

When I think how Jackie had to patiently work with me, my ex-wife & her local contacts, the various contractors (various repairs were happening on the property, even on the day of closing), I still shake my head in amazement. Lastly, I could write another book just on the difficulties the eventually homebuyer and their representatives added to this, (his usefulness as a realtor would be little, considering he didn’t handle all his duties in a timely manner, or even bother to show up for the closing) . To make a long story short, Jackie and Bart’s handling of this difficult situation was a fine example of their professionalism and “grace under pressure”.

Jackie and Bart are incredible realtors, but more importantly incredible people I would consider friends who happen to be realtors. I would without hesitation recommend their services to anyone needing a GREAT real estate agent. Having seen “Team Baxter” in action, I’m an advocate for life. Lastly, I wish them nothing but continued success with your company and their careers.


Bradford K. Hale


Jackie & Bart:

I finally had time to review your website.  What a well-done and thorough presentation!  Both bios under "About Us" were very interesting, especially Jackie's "tenacious enthusiasm".  You omitted "BULLDOG" after "tenacious"!!!!  Ruffffffffff!!!

The "Client News" was an excellent addition.  The only thing I'm sorry about, is that we didn't get a photo, of the sold sign on our Cottage Grove home, with me laying face down, and my soon to be Ex standing over me, shoving a 4" pipe up my ass!!!!!!!!  Now that would have really attracted attention to your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, again, for all your patience, calmness (ha-ha), and assistance through that portion of my hellish divorce situation.  It was a blast spending time with both of you last Friday night!  Thanks for coming to hear our band.  Hope you can make it this Friday to Gasthof's/Mario's to hear us play again.  You'll notice a slight difference in the atmosphere and the clientele!

I appreciate two new friends, and personally knowing how professional you both are, I will be "tenaciously enthusiastic", about referring Team Baxter!